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Welcome to Physiobalance website!

We are always highly motivated, confident, making sure we have the best communication with sensitivity to the patients and for the fastest rehabilitation and also ensuring the understanding of often complex clinical and psychological issues impacting on recovery. Collaborating with other health care professionals for making sure the patients will have the most efficient, fast and natural drug free recovery.
We are always looking forward to improving, promoting healing and making a significant contribution as therapists through a more holistic and alternative approach.
Through the years of practice, gaining experience in various cases and techniques, specializing on Bowen Technique and acupuncture we can treat a wide variety of problems but also provide a healthier way of maintaining your general well being.

Charalambos Tourigkos, physiotherapist

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  1. Hello Aprilia , the head Physio is Charalambos Touringos and for further information you can call from 8am – 7pm at 96655888.
    Thank you

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