Therapeutic Massage

What is Therapeutic Massage?
Therapeutic massage seeks to obtain a therapeutic benefit. While therapeutic massage is often relaxing, the end goal of the session or series of sessions is not relaxation.
Therapeutic goals can vary considerably between massage therapists and clients. In some cases, massage is recommended by a health professional and may be performed as part of a larger treatment plan. For example, someone attending physiotherapy for an injury might have regular therapeutic massage to loosen muscles, improve muscle tone, and increase their flexibility. 
People can use therapeutic massage as a standalone treatment. 
Basic therapeutic massage techniques are derived from a variety of massage styles. Your massage therapist will tailor your massage techniques depending on your needs. If you are unsure whether or not massage is appropriate for you, please call us at Physiobalance for individualized advice.

For whom is Therapeutic Massage?
People of all ages can benefit from therapeutic massage when it is performed by a competent and fully qualified remedial massage therapist. Massage is also suitable for people with disabilities, expecting mothers, and people in treatment for medical conditions, although some special precautions may need to be taken to protect the health of the client.

What Conditions Benefit from a Therapeutic Massage?
Massage therapy helps your body in numerous ways. Massage can relax muscle tissue, which may lead to decreased joint and nerve compression, increased joint and muscle range of motion. This commonly results in less pain and improved function.
Therapeutic massage benefits the following conditions:
– Stress
– Anxiety
– General Wellbeing
– High Blood Pressure
– Arthritis
– Low Immunity
– Minor injuries

What Massage frequency works best?
Everyone needs differ depending on your lifestyle. As a guide, regular therapeutic massages work best when on a 4 to 6-week basis. This is because your muscles need to keep relaxed and moving through their full available range. Otherwise, they become “creatures of habit”. If tense is how they are most often, that’s what they will consider normal. Our body need water, food, stretching and relaxation, therapeutic massage can relax and restore it.