Charalambos Touringos

He holds a Bachelors degree of physiotherapy at National Sporting Academy Vassil Lefski of Bulgaria. Through the years of practice, gaining experience in various cases and techniques he came across Bowen Technique in which he got trained to the highest level of degree and specialized for adults and babies. Among others he is trained and specialized in a different styles of acupuncture in advanced level. He continues till today studying in different fields of physiotherapy and alternative – complementary treatments, aiming to improve his skills and offer the best for his clients. He believes that physiotherapy, acupuncture, Bowen Techniques and other way of physical treatment, can treat a wide variety of problems but also provide a healthier way of maintaining general well-being.
Charalambos is always highly motivated, making sure to have the best communication with sensitivity to the patients for the fastest rehabilitation, ensuring the understanding of often complex clinical and psychological issues impacting on recovery. Collaborating with other health care professionals aim to make sure the patients will have the most efficient, fast and natural drug free recovery. He is always looking forward improving, promoting healing and making a significant contribution as a therapist through a more holistic and alternative approach.

Marilena Shyama Shakti

Marilena Shyama Shakti is a mother, artist, teacher, seeker of inner truth since a very young age. Her todays teachings it’s a reflection of 20 years of teaching and 28 years of being a seeker of non visible worlds of existence, through visual arts and esoteric yoga. She has been a long practitioner, seeker of Tantra and Mystical ~ Esoteric Yoga tradition and Therapeutic – Restorative approach to her sessions.